Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Under a Microscope

Living life under a microscope can be exhausting and can cause of huge dip in self worth. Being involved in the system means living under a microscope. People have analyzed us, doubted us, and felt that they may be able to handle things better than we have, but in the end we are these kiddo's parents and we do the best we can. I struggle with this. I want to please everyone do everything that is recommended to me, but that would be impossible with all of the varying opinions out there. 

For example, you choose to do time-in, you are too permissive. You choose to do time-out and you are banishing your kiddos from society. Are there really any perfect answers for every family? No. What works for one family may not work for another and that is OKAY! We are individuals. We are different. We all do the best we can. We all love our children to the ends of the earth. That is what matters. This year I am going to do my best to put all opinions aside.

This year I am going to make it my goal to view myself through the eyes of my Creator. I am worthy to be these kiddo's mommy and God placed them in my home for a divine reason. That is enough. I may forget to wash their favorite jeans, pack snacks in the wrong back pack, or miss a homework assignment, but that does not change the fact that God molded my family together for a purpose and He chose ME to be their mom. I am humbled by His gifts and I intend to raise them in a way that would glorify His name. With Him, my kids will heal. With Him, I will feel confident. With Him, my husband and I will love stronger and deeper. This year, He will be my focus.

In addition, I will choose to be supportive of and real with other moms. We all need this in our lives. Ok, that's all. Have a great New Year!


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