Wednesday, March 29, 2017

What's Up Wednesday!

I am linking up with Shay, Shaeffer, and Mel for What's Up Wednesday!
What We're Eating:
We recently tried a new recipe for Succotash and Sweet Potato Stew from the Vegan on the Cheap cookbook. It is one of my favorite plant based cookbooks. You can purchase it here.
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We also have tried a zucchini fettuccini recipe from the Good and Cheap cookbook, which is also one of my favorites. You can purchase it here.

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What I am Reminiscing About:
I have been thinking a lot about when the kids were first placed and how much they have grown. Mainly due to the fact that I have been spring cleaning and getting rid of clothes again. Why can't they stay little forever?

What I'm Loving:
Having my beautiful butterfly home!

What We've Been Up  To:
We have been preparing to take the kiddos to the beach for the first time this weekend! I cannot wait to see their faces when we arrive! They love love love sand!

What I am dreading:

Nothing right now! :)

What I am working on:
Cleaning out the kids' closets and dressers! I feel like if we add one more thing to peanuts' drawers they might explode! :)

What I am excited about:
Easter! I love everything about it and we starting hosting last year, which is super fun! The thing I love most is the reminder of the sacrifices Jesus made for us. What an amazing gift. I am not gonna lie though, the dresses, egg hunts, bunnies, and candies are super fun too! :)
What I am watching and reading:
I have been watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix. I am currently on season 5! If you need another show to start watching, it's amazing!

I have not been reading much more than my daily devotionals lately. I read Jesus Calling and I have the One Year Bible App. You can purchase Jesus Calling here. You can get the free You Version Bible app on your mobile phone/tablet and search the plan Bible in One Year.

What I am listening to:
Click the icon to listen to KLOVE online!
What I am wearing:
Boring work clothes. :) If you have any ideas on how to spice up my work attire. Please share. I need help! We have to wear business casual, but not too fancy!
What I am doing this weekend:
Going to the beach! Pics to come :)
What I am looking forward to next month:


Easter! :)
*I was not paid to advertise any books, radio stations, or television shows for this post.



Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Sensory Room

Ok, time to brag on my amazing husband. He created a room in our home for our kiddos to get away and relax when big feelings are getting to be too much for them. It has a swing, ball pit, body pillow, sit and spin, stability ball, and Bluetooth player.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

10 on the 10th

I am linking up with Erin for the 10 on the 10th list. I am a bit late, but I thought it would be fun to join in anyway. This month is 10 household tips. So here it goes...

1.) I love collapsible boxes for the kids' toys! We have one box for each type of toy. The kids know that they are expected to place the toys back in the appropriate bins after playing and it is preferable that they only bring out one bin at a time. :)

2.) We have cubbies for each of the kids to hand their back pack and coat. I also use it to put odds and ends in throughout the week. On the weekend, they are expected to clean out their cubbies.

3.) For laundry, I have one basket for each family member. This is helpful with dogs around the house that like to knock over my beautifully, folded piles!

4.) On Sundays, the kiddos put away all laundry in their baskets and pick out outfits for the week. We store their outfits in a sweater hanger in their closet. It definitely makes the mornings soooo much easier.

5.) For all you fost/adopt mommies and daddies: I keep all the kids paperwork in a large binder with their name on it. This makes it easy to grab when workers request specific paperwork. They have tabs, such as medication logs, doctor appts, report cards, receipts etc. I also keep a "foster care" box in my email.

6.) We do have an art closet for the kiddos that we keep locked. The kiddos have to ask mommy or daddy to open the closet when they want to get out art supplies. This has saved our lives! We constantly had papers, markers, crayons, pencils, etc around the house before starting our closet.

7.) I keep all of my sensory fidgets and boxes on a metal shelving unit. The items have to remain in that room and have to be placed back on the shelf when finished. This does not always work perfectly, but it is much better than when we had open access.

8.) I absolutely have to keep a calendar for the kids' appts. Otherwise, I would be lost! I carry it everywhere and write the appts down immediately after scheduling. If I need hubby to help with an appt, I let him know and he writes the time down in his calendar. This has allowed us to sync our schedules better. Some families use a synced calendar on their emails or phones. For me, it is better to write it down, but whatever works!

9.) Although, I have been slacking lately, we usually keep a monthly menu hung up on the fridge. I still have my menu, but have been slacking on writing it down on my fridge calendar. This decreases food waste and allows hubby to get started on dinner for me if I am getting home later. Yes, he cooks! I am blessed.

10.) I do keep back ups of all shampoos, conditioners, body washes, toothpastes, hair gels etc in my bathroom linen closet. This is very helpful with three bathrooms! The kids know that they can ask for an item when they run out! Each time, I use my back up I purchase another. :)

Please share your tips! I could definitely still improve my organization in some areas of my house and car!

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