Our Timeline

October 2006- We met.

November 2006-  We started dating.

July  2010- We were engaged.

June 2011- We became husband and wife.

March 2014- I went to India and spent time with orphans.

May 2014- He jumped on board and together we decided that our path to adoption would be through foster care.

July 2014- We attended classes to become foster parents.

September 2014- Our homestudy was completed.

December 2014- We were interviewed as potential parents to our three kiddos.

December 19, 2014- Original first day of placement. We went to pick up our kiddos and left without them due to a change in their plan.

December 24, 2014- We received a message from the kids' caseworker stating that they may still be placed with us.

January 2015- The judge chose us as the kiddos' parents. We quicky began a transition plan and met the kiddos the following week.

Febuary 15, 2015- Our kiddos were officially placed with us.

Someday soon- adoption!


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