About Us


We are foster parents awaiting the adoption of our three kiddos. We entered the process after we felt we were called by God to raise foster children. Our ultimate hope is to someday adopt one of our foster children and provide them a forever home. For more info about our decision to adopt please visit our post: "Why We Chose Foster Care Adoption" at http://fosteringhopethroughadoption.blogspot.com/2014/10/why-we-chose-foster-care-adoption.html

Brenton is an electrician for a union business in our home town. He is currently a service driver and loves it. He has one brother and two sisters and is very close to his family. He loves to eat! His favorite foods are steak, tacos, and lasagna. In his free time he hunts and spends time outside. He reads hunting magazines, watches an occasional hunting show, and longs for the start of hunting season.  He absolutley loves music. His favorite bands/artists are Third Day, Crowder, and Matt Maher.

I (KellySue) am a registered dietitian. I work mostly with mommies, babies, and young kiddos. In my free time I like to run/exercise, blog, watch movies, or read. I love fruits and vegetables. We order vegetables from a local farmer. I look forward to delivery day every week. I know, it sounds silly, but it's the little things in life, right?

Our valiant night is now 9 years old. He loves legos, sand, and dinosaurs. His favorite foods are lasagna, tostadas, and asparagus. He loves to watch anything that has a minion.

Our beautiful butterfly is now 8 years old. She loves reading, dancing, and drawing. Her favorite foods are chicken noodle soup and spaghetti. She loves the Little Mermaid.

Our little peanut is now 6 years old. She loves baby dolls, barbies, and coloring. Her favorite foods are cereal, tacos, and grapes. Her favorite toy is her American Girl doll.  

We also have two dogs, Grace and Peaches. They are both lab mixes. Grace loves to play with ropes and chew bones. She loves her baby sister, but tends to need a break every now and then. Peaches, well, she's the crazy one. She loves to cuddle, run around, and attack us with kisses.


Updates on the Littles

Our knight is growing so fast! I cannot believe he will be eleven this year! He loves sports. He just finished basketball and will be start...