Friday, January 9, 2015

Rough Road, Rewarding Destination

Hey All! It has been a while since I have posted. We have had a little bit of a rough road on the adoption front lately. Early December, we received a call from a frantic case manager stating that she has chosen us as the parents for three beautiful children and may need placement ASAP depending on the reaction of the current guardian. My heart leaped with excitement and I automatically realized I had to leave for work in 15 minutes and I did not even have the beds made. I quickly made three beds and rushed to work. I prayed all day that the guardian would be willing to keep the children until school released for winter break. I could not imagine the thoughts the kids would have if their guardian whom they loved dearly was seperated from them without warning. Later that afternoon I received word that their guardian had agreed to keep them until school released for break. I was so relieved for the kids and excited to become family of five in a few short weeks.

We immediately went to work preparing every little detail for their upcoming arrival. We were scheduled to meet them the following Saturday and we could not wait! Late Friday night we received word that due to transportation problems the children would not be able to make it to our meeting place Saturday. We were disappointed, but understood. We continued to personalize their rooms, prepared our vehicle with boosters, wrapped christmas presents, and registered them for school. The evening after I registered our sweet kiddos for school we received word that their was a party opposing the move. My heart sank. We held our breathe over the next few days, but in the end we received word that we were still scheduled to pick them up that Friday. With high anticipation, we drove an hour to pick up the kids. I could not wait to see their sweet faces. We arrived at the pick up location a little early and quickly received word that a court order had been placed opposing their move minutes before we arrived. I just sat there in disbelief as the case manager explained the situation. After getting more details about the reason for opposition we left and entered our car with three empty boosters. It was the hardest car ride of my life. Brenton wanted to talk about it, but I just shut down. We grabbed a bite to eat and headed home. Needless to say that night and the few days following were filled with tears, anger, dissappointment, and wonder. We then received word on Christmas Eve that the children still may be placed in our home. Two weeks has passed with no news.

We continue to receive referrals for kids who need homes and have been recommended to move on. Hearing the words, "do not wait for those kids it could take forever" killed us, but we know that God has the perefect plan in store for us and we have decided to leave all doors open at this point. We have received several referrals for children that need homes over the past couple of weeks. We are now just waiting to hear back. We cannot wait to meet the child(ren) God has planned for us. Please keep us in your prayers as we embark on our first placement, the rewarding destination we have been waiting for.

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