Tuesday, January 13, 2015

10 Christian Songs That Offer Encouragement During the Adoption Process

My husband and I compiled a list of songs that have helped us keep our focus on God throughout our journey. We hope that these songs may be an encouragement to you in whatever you are facing. 

10.) "What Faith Can Do" By Kutless
We are reminded to not lose hope when the sky is falling and stand firm in the faith. When the world says we can't keep going faith will tell us that we can. Our prayers will be answered. 

9.) "Worn" Tenth Avenue North
Sometimes this process wears on us emotionally, but we know a God who will give us the strength to get through. 

8.)"Strong Enough" By Matthew West  
This song reminds us that we are not strong enough to conquer this process alone, but with God we will get through. 

7.)"Walk On The Water" By Britt Nicole
This song reminds us of why we started the process and why we will never give up! God's calling is strong and cannot be ignored. 

6.) "He Said" Group 1 Crew
Sometimes this process does not make sense and we can now wrap our heads around the pain. This song reminds us that God does not give us anything we cannot handle, because with Him we can face anything life may bring. 

5.) "Oceans" By Hillsong United
This song reminds us that God is leading as we are trusting Him with our lives and listening to His call. 

4.) "Praise You In The Storm" By Casting Crowns
We have had our hearts torn to pieces during this process, but through it all we are reminded to praise Him in the storm. He holds our tears and stands by our side. 

3.) "Mountain of God" By Third Day
Sometimes this process becomes a very lonely road. This song reminds us that we never have to feel alone, because God is there. At times, after the tears and pain we are reminded to seek God. My prayer is that we seek Him first in all circumstances. 

2.) "Fear" By Casting Crowns
This song reminds us to proceed without fear of the future, because God is always with us. 

1.) "One Less" By Matthew West 
Lastly, this song reminds us to keep our dream alive. We will meet our child one day and it will be the child God has been planning for us all along. 

And Always Remember.....
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