Monday, February 9, 2015

The Orange Mosquito!

Hello All!!

We had a wonderful weekend! The kids visited our home for the first time. The new toys, rooms, and clothes brought a lot of excitement. The little man played legos for hours and has many creations on display now. The girls played dress up and dolls until their room was a complete tornado (in a good way).

Meal times were the best as we all got to spend time together. The kids laughed, sang songs, and occasionally even got up and danced. Their appetites were suprising to say the least---they ate A LOT!! We even had to go to the store for more fruit, because they were eating us out of house and home. :) I imagine we will have high water pants in a few months.

Little man even suprised me with flowers after going to the store with Brenton. It was the sweetest thing ever! He said, "Close your eyes, I have a surprise", and then handed me a beautiful bouquet. I asked Brenton afterwards if it was his idea. He said, "No, it was little man's idea." Brenton said little man wanted to make me VERY happy. So cute!

We did take the kids to church. They were all VERY nervous at first and did not want us to leave them. We waited about five minutes and then told each of them we were going to adult church. Brenton was worried and asked to check on them multiple times, but I reassured him they would be fine. We went to pick them up and were immediately greeted with smiles and crafts. They even asked if they could come back! I am so thankful for the welcoming volunteers that serve in the children's ministry. They loved on our kids and made them feel so comfortable.

We cannot wait to see them again in a week! They are absolutely amazing! Thanks for all of your prayers. Please pray for the kids as the transition continues and their stay becomes more full-time. Pray for us as we continue to adjust to being parents of three. Last, but not least, pray for their family as they grieve the loss of their daily presence.

Oh, okay I know what you are thinking, "Why is the title the orange mosquito?" On the way back to the house the second day we asked the kids if they remembered the colors of certain rooms and such. One of the kids said, "I know what color the mosquite is!" By mosquito, he meant the Voltswagon Beetle in our garage! From now on, I guess it will be called the Orange mosquito! :)

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