Sunday, February 1, 2015

God's Plan At Work

Hello All!

A lot has happened since I last posted. We went to a placement hearing two weeks ago for the three kiddos we went to pick up mid-December. It was ordered that transition with the goal of adoption into our home was to be initiated. It was actually a very sad moment. With adoption, there is always a loss. A child loses the life and family they are use to and the family loses a child. It is not a happy moment, but a response to tragedy. Yes, there is happy parts of adoption--a family is being built. However, a family is also ripped apart and the initial phases of adoption are filled with sadness.

We are confident that God can bring hope to our children in the midst of their tragedy and have been praying for them and their family daily. We began our prayers asking for peace as the first visit approached just a few days following the hearing.

Throughout our visit we were told "God gave me peace", by family members and friends of the children. It was surreal. I was so thankful for God's hand in the situation before we even saw the children's faces. I knew then that we had entered the plan God had for us all along and I could not help, but feel a sense of relief.

Our visit started out a little quiet with the children, but after praying with their relative we started hearing girlie squeals, loads of laughter, and the sweetness of a little boy's singing voice. The visit was more than we could have imagined and God was definitely at work. By the end the kids were asking us to stay. The workers were amazed as I described the visit and could not believe how well it went. Isn't that how our God is? His work is so great and mighty that it cannot be explained by human thought!  We were even told our presence brought the family peace (only we know it was not us, but God). He was in charge and He rocked it! :) It is such a blessing to see His plan through our own two eyes! He brought us children who love Him, love their veggies :), and have sweet spirits. Our hearts are filled with joy!

Thank you for your prayers. Please continue to pray for the family as they let go of these amazing children, for the children as their lives are turned upside down, and for us as we become parents of three beautiful children.

I Chronicles 29:13
"And now we thank you, and praise your glorious name"

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