Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I will never be the only "mommy" and that's okay..

I am often told that my children are blessed or lucky to be with me. I am also asked questions that place their parents in a negative light. This is most likely because most people believe that a foster child comes from a monster, who is neglectful and/or abusive. In most cases this is the farthest from the truth. These mothers chose life! They love their children and try their best to provide for their needs, but unfortunately environmental factors get in the way of their dreams. They most likely made yummy food, put a band aid on a "boo boo", and sang a lullabye at some point. Yes, mistakes were made, but that does not lesson their roles as mommies. Most children view their mother as a superhero and when that is taken away from them it is tragic, not lucky.

Then they are moved to a new place with a woman who may only be "momma" for a moment, but is still their momma. This woman helped mold them into the people they are today and took care of each need until they have moved on. There may be many woman in a foster child's life who were temporary "mommas", but the word temporary does not lesson their role. Children often become attached and love their temporary "mommas" and will continue to love them forever.

I feel blessed and thankful to have many women in my childrens' lives who made them who they are today. Not every situation in their lives were grand, but something made them as special as they are today! They are beautiful, loving, and compassionate children who were molded by their bio parents, foster parents, and kin parents. Without one of these individuals in their history they would not be the children they are today.

I am the lucky one.

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