Sunday, June 14, 2015

We are blessed!

People often ask us if we have the option of dissolving the adoption plans. Honestly, we do have that option, which kind of breaks my heart. It is great that we have the extra support and services for 6 months after placement to help the children heal and adjust. However, this is all we look at this time period as. We cannot imagine ever giving up on the beautiful children God has blessed us with.

Saying this process has been a little difficult is an understatement. It is hard and some days it stretches my emotions to the deepest they have ever reached, but my kids are worth every minute. I know from the outside we may seem crazy, but if you have seen their sweet smiles and eyes starting to fill with hope you know without a shadow of a doubt that we are not crazy. We are BLESSED to have these amazing children in our lives.

As we continue our journey, I am reminded more and more of God's plan for us and how amazing it is to see it with my own two eyes. Our kids are growing physically, emotionally, and socially in ways doctors and caseworkers never thought was possible. It is amazing to watch. Little man is opening up more each day to the idea of a forever family and each time he sits in my lap as we have our heart to heart talks I melt. Our beautiful butterfly is starting to realize that she is loved in our home. She often asks for extra cuddles and makes us beautiful pictures with the word love written in every space possible. Our refrigerator is officially overflowing with beautiful artwork. Our little peanut is growing like a weed and learning more English words everyday. She is our joyful child, who is often found singing, rocking her babies, or playing house with big sister. Every time she calls me mommy my heart leaps.

James 1:17
"Every good and perfect gift comes from above..."

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