Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sensory Play

Here are some sensory toys and bins we enjoy at home:

1.) Sensory Bins
  • Beans and Rice
    • We mixed rice and beans and placed small toy cars and safari animals in the bins. The cars, rice, and beans can be found at dollar tree. We found the safari animals at walmart.
  • Farm Themed
    • We placed fake grass, rocks, and rice in a bin with various farm animals. We found the rice, grass, and rocks at dollar tree. The farm animals can be found at dollar general and walmart.

  • Ocean Themed
    • We placed marbles with multiple colors (fish eggs), light blue/white marbles, shells, and ocean animals in water. You can find the marbles at dollar tree and the animals and dollar general.
  • Sand and Shore Theme
    • We made rice from ground up wild rice and added shells for the sand and placed blue and clear marbles and rocks for the ocean. We then added animals and eggs. You can find the marbles at dollar tree and the animals at dollar general. The white "eggs" are ping pong balls. The shells were found at hobby lobby.

  • Creepy Crawly Shaving Cream Theme
    • We got toy bugs and covered them with shaving cream. The kids were then told to find 8 things in the box. The bugs were found in the party aisle at walmart.

2.) Sensory Toys

  • My oldest daughter loves the liquid timers. They can be found on online. An example of a liquid timer is shown below.
picture from: nationalautismresources.com

  • My son loves squishy animals (they also make various types of balls) . Animals filled with goo, sand, beads, small plastic balls. He doesn't care. As long as he can squish it. :) I have found these type of animals various places. Be careful with the splat ball animals they tend to stick to the ceiling when thrown up in the air. We still buy them we just have some rules to go along with them now. ;) You can also make your own squishy ball by filling a balloon with lentils.  

  • My younger daughter loves play dough. There are various ways to make your own too! Although we have not ventured into this area yet. I plan to do so soon! Feel free to google "homemade play dough." It's pretty amazing what can be created to display different colors, smells, and feels. 

  •  All three kiddos love the sit-n-spin. They especially love the one that plays music.

  • My oldest daughter loves puffer balls. She pulls each string out and stretches it over and over. An example of a puffer ball is below.
Picture from squishymart.com
  • I have not tried tangle toys yet, but I recently ordered a few. They are a very popular fidget. An example of a tangle toy is below.
  • I have also not tried this yet, but you can make your own search and find toy (or sometimes called I SPY toy) by adding several items to a water bottle, such as safety pins, buttons, small toys, paper clips, etc to and then filling the bottle with rice.  An example of a search and find is below.

    picture from craftprojectideas.com

    I hope these examples of sensory play help your family as much as they have ours! Please feel free to share any further ideas that you have by using the comment box below!
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*I was not paid to advertise any store. The only purpose of this post is to share sensory ideas.

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