Monday, November 2, 2015

National Adoption Month News

November is here again! It's National Adoption Month! This year's theme focuses on teens with the slogan, "You never outgrow the need for family." It breaks my heart to think of the many teenagers that need families. Could you imagine graduating high school and being on your own without any family to lean on? I imagine it would be scary, hard, and lonely. About 85,000 teens in the United States not only imagine what this scenario would be like, they live it. Their risk for homelessness, drug use, pregnancy, and school drop out is higher than other kids their age. Having a loving family to lean on makes all the difference, but unfortunately these children are difficult to place and often go unnoticed.

AdoptUS Kids offers an illustration of many reasons why teens need families and how being a caregiver to a teen aids them in their lives. The last picture breaks my heart. Ensure that a teen always has a place at a table. It's sad to think about these teens alone on holidays and without a family to eat dinner with. Please consider opening your home to a teen. You have the power to help change their future. For more information on the need for adoptive families for teenager please visit the National Adoption Month website at

We Never Outgrow the Need For Family

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