Monday, March 21, 2016

Oh Happy Day!

I have been challenged to share a day in our life with you. I chose a weekend day, because they're more exciting. I honestly forgot to take pictures throughout the day on Sunday came and I followed my little ones around the house snapping pictures all day. Yes, they were super suspicious of me and started asking questions after a while. Maybe, I should start taking "life" pictures on a more regular basis!

One of the littles woke up at the crack of dawn and crawled in bed with momma. We were able to enjoy some sweet cuddles before the other two woke up. I love those times. Once everyone woke up I started cooking and the kiddos colored some beautiful pictures.

For breakfast we had some delicious, chocolate chip pancakes! I think the kids thought mommy had gone crazy. They told many at church with their eyes open wide that mommy let them eat chocolate for breakfast. Let's just say we focus on eating lots of fruits and veggies most of the time, but I thought they deserved a little treat.

All three kiddos have chores after each meal. One sweeps up crumbs, one wipes down the table and counters, and one loads the dishwasher. :) Such great helpers they are!

After chores were finished, I got all three kiddos ready for church. Did I mention that Daddy was working this weekend? Getting three kiddos ready for church is work! haha. I seriously applaud all the mommies out their that get their kiddos ready solo everyday! You are superwomen. Anyway, after I got them ready, it was momma's time to get ready. When mommy gets alone time, we all get alone time! They love enjoying their toys to theirselves every once in a while! Little man always goes for the Legos!

We left for church a little early and made a surprise stop to the park. They loved it!
Then off to church we went! The kids' are learning about hope this month. This is a great topic for them. Oh, and yes they made a little donkey for Palm Sunday!
We went home and enjoyed some yummy quesadillas, apples, and carrots for lunch. It never fails that my little peanut takes an hour to eat. I try to remain patient and sit with her with a smile, because I know there was a time that she was not able to enjoy food like she does now.


After lunch, we did some chores throughout the house and finished some homework. I have learned that kiddos are never too young to help around the house!
Then we snuggled up on the couch and watched one of our favorite princesses, Tiana. In other words, momma needed a break. Please know that we are not fans of screen time, but we do let them watch a Disney movie every now and then. :)


After the movie, the girlies colored some pictures while little man played in his sand table. Momma made some dinner. We had one of my favorites, roasted red pepper soup with homemade tortilla strips and fresh avocado!
I slacked on the picture taking after dinner. The kids read some books, played with toys, and got ready for bed. Little man was having a rough night. After an hour of trying everything to calm him down, these two songs did the trick! I am thankful that praises to the Lord calm his soul.


I ended my night with some of God's word and then headed to bed. 
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