Friday, October 10, 2014

Anxiously Waiting

The ache in our hearts for a child(ren) continues to grow as we wait for our first placement. It has been over two weeks since a sibling group was referred to us. We first received a call in early September for a sibling group of three. With excitement we prepared their rooms, toured daycares, and thought about elementary school options. After we finished filling in as many details as we could we anxiously awaited their arrival as paperwork was being processed. Before our license went through these three darlings were placed in a home. We were relieved and crushed at the same time. Relieved that these beautiful children found a home and crushed that the home was not ours. There have been times that I have looked in their rooms with sadness in my heart as I remember the dreams I had for them as part of our family, but then I am reminded that God is in control and the children were placed where God meant them to be.

Two days after we received the email that the first sibling group was placed, we received an email about a sibling group of two. After reading their summaries and discussing our concerns with our case worker, we were told it was not a good fit. We did have an overwhelming sense of peace knowing that these children are being loved by an amazing family until they are placed in a more permanent home.

Over two weeks has gone by since we received that second email. In anticipation I leave my phone by my side awaiting the next call. God has been wonderful in allowing my husband or I to be at peace with this at all times. Last week I was very anxious and disappointed as the days went by with no contact at all. I could not understand why the need for foster parents is so high and yet we are waiting. After receiving some amazing reassurence from the Lord I am again at peace. My husband is now starting to grow more excited each day and is disappointed when I come home with the same lack of news. It has been amazing to be able to support each other during this process by constantly reminding each other that God is in control of this adoption and He has the perfect child in mind for us to be placed in His timing.

Please be in prayer for us as we anxiously wait the arrival of our first placement, but more importantly be in prayer for the child(ren) as they go through overwhelming obstacles in their lives and are removed from caregivers that they love with all their hearts despite any hurt the caregivers may have caused.

2 Thessalonians 3:5
"May the Lord direct your hearts into God's love and Christ's perserverence."

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