Monday, January 11, 2016

Fighting the Fight

I recently watched War Room. It was extremely inspirational for me. I love how the movie highlights the fact that we cannot fight the fight alone. I am a fighter. BIG TIME. I do everything possible to ensure that my kids have what they need. I am not saying that I am going to stop working hard to get what they need, but I am definitley going to work on going to battle in prayer for my kiddos with more diligence. After all, Mommy can't fix everything. Some of the things we are going through right now seems hopeless at times. If only I would've fixed my eyes on the one who can fight for me and my family instead of looking at every therapist, behavioralist, medicine etc out there to help one of our kiddos. I know one thing for sure, things would have been much more positive for us as a family as we crawled through the muck with our little one. Instead, we hit ROCK BOTTOM. We did not have the answers and did not know what the future of our family would look like.

We were talking last night and said that we were like Peter when he walked on the water. We started out this process with our eyes fully and completely on Christ. After a while, we got busy and comfortable in our own decisions and took our eyes off Christ. We sank, but thankfully God is a God of grace and He gives second chances. We have decided as a couple that we are going to go to battle in prayer and allow God to take the lead of our family. We know that he has the power to change the effects of years and years of abuse that has affected our kiddos. He has the power to give them peace, strength, and hope. And most of all, He has the power to protect our family.

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