Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Spanish Words of the Week

Here are Spanish words of the week! Enjoy!

Food: Comida (co-meed-a)
Fruit: Frutas (fru-tas)
Vegetables: Vegetales (ve-he-tal-es)
Meats: Carnes (car-nes)
Beans: Frijoles (fre-hol-es)

Carrots: Zanahorias (sana-or-ias)
Asparagus: Asparragos (as-parr-agos)
Broccoli: Brocoli (broc-o-lee)

Apples: Manzana (man-san-a)
Oranges: Naranjas (na-rawn-ha)
Grapes: Uvas (u-vas)

Fish: Pescado (pes-cad-o)
Chicken: Pollo (po-yo)
Pork: Puerco (p-wear-co)

As always, try to fit a few in if/when you talk with the kiddos!


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