Monday, January 4, 2016

Spanish Words of the Week!

We are working on speaking more Spanish in our household this year. Due to some past traumas, our kiddos are a little afraid to hear and speak Spanish. We have decided to come up with a weekly list of words to focus on each week until we become more comfortable with open conversation. The kids are participating so far!  I thought I would share our list with all of you. If you see the kiddos, they would love to hear their weekly words from their family and friends. :) Plus, it will help them become more comfortable around their native language.


1.) Family: Familia (fa-mil-ia)
2.) Mom: Mama (ma-ma)
3.) Dad: Papa (pa-pa)
4.) Son: Hijo (e-ho)
5.) Daughter: Hija (e-huh)
6) Brother: Hermano (er-mah-no)
7.) Sister: Hermana (er-mah-na)
8.) Aunt: Tia (tee-a)
9.) Uncle: Tio (tee-o)
10.) Grandma: Abuela (a-bue-la)
11.) Granpa: Abuelo (a-bue-lo)
12.) Grandson: Nieto (nee-a-toe)
13.) Granddaughter: Nieta (nee-a-ta)
14.) Niece: Sobrina (so-breen-a)
15.) Nephew: Sobrino (so-breen-o)
16.) Cousin: Primo/a (pree-ma)


"I love you!" : Te amo (tay ah-mo)

Ok, so I am terrible at phonics (and I don't know how to make the lines on the computer), but I tried to write out the sounds for you. Let me know if you have any questions! Please try a word with the kiddos, they will love you forever!


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